Plastic Mold Makers

Kube tech International has formed alliances with plastic mold makers, and suppliers that lowers the cost of doing business in these countries . How? The experience and knowledge of political, legal and cultural advantages in Mexico and China. The advantages of two factories strategically placed give the customer a choice in analyzing which location best suits there product. We at BPI will assist in selecting the location after careful consideration of customer needs and priorities. For example: labor cost in China is lower which is always a factor especially for smaller cubed product but Mexico lends advantages like proximity to US retail market and quicker turnaround.

Why use Kube tech instead of dealing directly with the manufacturer is simple. We get the lowest prices in Mexico and China because of current volume of customer orders as well as decreasing the time (time is money) of sourcing and locating LEGITIMATE operations in these countries. We are your contact and liason during initial start-up while putting you in direct contact with the manufacturer.

We are not brokers but manufacturing represenatives with solid contracts that allow us to make the best decision for our clients.

Kube tech is unique in we source and approve based on our international manufacturing experience in qualifying only those vendors that have implemented policies and procedures in departmental structures such as engineering, materials, purchasing, quality control, production, import/export and assembly. This enables us to assist in total turn key services of manufactured product or assembly only operations. We also assist in lowered purchase price variance or material cost by using our extensive supplier list that includes plastic resin, pigment, metal parts, paint, packaging, corrugated and tooling manufactures.