Plastic Mold Design

Our cutting-edge design expertise allows us to understand the mechanisms of specific plastic materials and how they perform.
Once we clearly understand your product needs, we put our talents to work by first determining the most efficient plastic for use with your particular application, and then begin the design process (either with or without your custom-made drawings) to meet your specifications, ultimately delivering an unsurpassed product.

We help our customers develop their products from conception to prototypes and production based on our wide experience in plastic injection molding. 
As a professional Injection Molding China Company, Kube Tech Molding has implemented some of the leading CAD/CAM/CAE systems to ensure optimal control, assessment and machining of product design throughout the entire process of mold development.


MOLDFLOW software is used to simulate and analyze injection flow, enabling molding manufacturing problems to be predicted and solved in the initial phase of product development.

AUTOCAD, CAXA, Pro/Engineering, Unigraphics and SolidWorks software enables 2D and 3D product designs, as well as mold designs.

Our company uses 3D software to design products and separate mold structure, establish and transfer relevant accessory, form the total picture, and separate the accessory according to the conditions of machining.

Mastercam and Cimatron software provide efficient 3-axis milling and distinct automation levels; maximizing productivity and minimizing human error.