Molding of Plastic Products

If necessary, the production of any plastic products using the method of injection molding, we offer you a full range of services to our industrial base. Our plastic products plant has all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel in the field of plastics processing. Our fleet of injection molding machines and staff with many years of experience working with molds of any complexity, to help you cope with any challenge. Range of molded plastics us quite broad and includes such products as general technical purposes and the consumer.

Plastic products – how to order?

To start molding of plastic products is necessary to make the mold. The mold is a snap, which is filled with plastic under pressure and where the product is formed. You can order in our company to manufacture the mold and subsequently place an order for molding plastic products. To do this, you need to provide ( sample plastic products or drawing a picture with dimensions, with which we perform the calculation cost of the order. Signing the contract with our company, you can count on the performance of the order in time.

Manufacture of plastic products in the Republic of Belarus.
Our factory is located in China products RB and offers manufacturing of plastic products, as well as the manufacture of molds in one place. Our production of plastic products using only high-quality materials and work with reliable suppliers. In the manufacture of articles made of plastics of all types of thermoplastics, depending on the requirements for the plastic products. For the selection of the type of plastic, we need to know the performance of plastic products, such as:
• mechanical stress on the product
• surface quality requirements
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