Metal Stamping Service

Kube Tech can help you design components and assemblies to reduce part counts, thereby reducing not only components cost, but also manufacturing time and potential failure modes. We can begin with a sketch on the back of a napkin, or a rigid set of performance requirements and specifications. From simple to complex, we can help solve problems and keep our clients on the cutting edge of their industries. Kube Tech can provide a wide range of metal stamped parts, from washers and frames to complex connector contacts that require high-speed progressive dies. We can supply these products in various materials, tempers, and plating. With our vertical integration, Kube Tech can incorporate these parts into assemblies and insert molded products, saving you time and money.

• Assembly
• Spot welding
• Welding
• Brazing
• Plating
• Heat treating
• Stress relieving
• Machining
• Riveting
• Grinding
• Notching
• Shaping