Insert Molding

  • Insert Molding is a unique process whereby a variety of components (die cast, screw machine, stamped metal, filter media, and other plastics) can be incorporated into plastic. Various features can be created in plastic around these components, such as fasteners, housings, insulators, connectors, etc.
  • This process is used extensively in the industry because it can take advantage of incorporating many and sometimes all of the features mentioned into one assembly. By taking advantage of the plastics unique design, many manufacturing steps can be eliminated.
  • This process is typically done using Vertical clamp injection molding machines. The reason for vertical opening and closing of the mold halves is that gravity works with you in keeping components in location  Items are positioned in the mold, the mold is held closed and molten plastic is forced in the mold and around the components that are in place. After the parts have cooled, the mold halves are separated and the parts are ejected.
  • Including both conventional and over-molded (soft and rigid plastics combined of different colors) product. We utilize a full range of engineering materials, such as PVC, Santoprene, Nylon, GF Nylons, Acetel, ABS and Polypropylenes.
  • We utilize both conventional horizontal presses ranging from 50 ton to 300 ton as well as vertical presses at 75 ton.
  • Our technologies include combining metal and plastic, multiple inserts and multiple materials
  • From concept through the production life,
    Kube tech provides continuous solutions and total customer satisfaction
    at its facility in Wyoming, Mi.
    We have extensive experience with both commodity resins
    as well as high-temperature engineered materials.
    From your ideas, we can provide drawings,
    tooling and manufacturing to give you a total solution for your product.
    High volume, and close tolerance are the keys of this operation.
    Bring Kube tech your next insert molding problem and
    you will receive a cost-effective, high-quality, on-time solution.