Die Cast Parts

Using machines and tools exclusively designed and built internally, Kube Tech’s manufacturing locations can provide our clients with flash-free, high-precision, die cast components and component assemblies for hundreds of applications. Kube Tech works with a wide range of OEM types. Applications include automotive, industrial controls, appliances, electronic components, power tools, hardware, computers and much more.

  • Multislide
    • Hot Chamber
    • Cold Chamber
    • Vacuum Die Cast
    • Prototyping
    • Assembly
    • Finishing
    • Flash Free Molding
    • Flash Trimming
    • Vibratory Finishing
    • Thermal Deburring
    • Shot Blasting
    • Plating
    • Hard Anodizing
    • Coating
    • Sealing
    • Powder Coat
    • Painting