Plastic Molding Manufacturing

Kube Tech Molding offers high quality, competitive offshore plastic molding manufacturing services for plastic and die-cast components and assemblies.
We specialize in plastic injection molding, die casting, tooling, design and production, for consumer products, medical devices, sporting goods, automotive components, household appliances, electrical devices, enclosures, cosmetics and general plastic products for small to large size companies, wholesalers and inventors.

Our Services

We are accustomed to working with short lead times for a quick turn-around
The dedicated program management team assigned to your account will be there for you from the beginning of your design conception until product completion, including prototyping patent assistance and troubleshooting. Our high-quality Global Sourcing solutions include:

Plastic injection molding capabilities from 20- to 1800-ton
Die Casting capabillities from 200-2200-ton
Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Designated engineers
Tool specifications completed in conjunction with customer requirements
Tool Drawings provided for customer review and approval
Full Life-Cycle Program Management
Manufacturing schedules provided regularly with digital photographs to show tool progress prototyping

– All tools are trialed and approved to customer requirements before shipment

– If the customer is not present at the T1 trial, samples are sent via Air Courier to the customer’s site (3-5days)

Packaging Design Silk Screen and Heat Transfer Logistics and shipping


The following documentation is supplied with all mold tools:
1) Pre-delivery Inspection Check List
2) Tool Trial Check List
3) Tool Drawings
4) Steel Certificate of Conformity
5) Hardness Certificates
6) Hot Runner Schematics

We design and manufacture various auto part molds; such as auto lights, bumpers, dashboards, interior and exterior plastic parts, and all types of gas-assisted injection molds.

The company is ISO9001 certified. We not only pay attention to quality guarantee but also emphasize quality management.

While taking into consideration profit, cost and venture; we have adopted an effective method to control and prevent various quality disadvantages, and try our best to satisfy every customer.

The dedicated program management team assigned to your account will be there for you from the beginning of your design conception until product completion, including prototyping patent assistance and trouble-shooting.

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Plastic Mold Company

Kube tech molding, Inc., is a plastic mold company, is a turn-key operation with extensive experience in plastic mold making and molding manufacturing.
Over the last 5 years, we have developed joint ventures with quality offshore vendors, and have created several exclusive partnerships. We are able to provide seamless global sourcing solutions for plastic injection, die casting components and assemblies; (i.e., mold making, mold design, product design, production molding). Rite Tech Industries is an independent company, unlike other global solution companies that are employed directly by offshore manufacturers. We not only offer manufacturing solutions, but rather a turn-key service that is tailored around our customer’s specific requirements. Rite Tech Industries represents its customers through a strong relationship with our offshore partners, so we have the ability to achieve the best quality at the lowest cost. Due to our experience and multi-sourcing capabilities, we have the ability to negotiate the cost and ultimately provide our customers with a quality product within budget.

Our Mission

We recognize that the quality of our products has a powerful impact on our customers’ operation and reputation. Therefore, we will strive to continuously improve our operations in order to deliver safe, effective, and timely products that meet the quality expectations of our customers.

  1. We Value our Customers and are committed to providing them with quality and cost-effective services for complete satisfaction.
  2. We Value our Suppliers and are committed to their success, sharing with them our customer-centric mission and quality expectations.
  3. We Value our Associates and are committed to maintaining a meaningful work environment suited for professional growth and fulfillment.
  4. We Value our Community and are committed to its prosperity.

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Plastic Injection Molded Parts.

Many industries can take advantage of the cost benefits of replacing metal parts or assemblies with plastic injection molded parts.

The design of a plastic part to replace a metal one should proceed from the general to the specific. Begin by understanding the mechanical, environmental, thermal, and other conditions it will encounter over its life, as well as how it will be processed and assembled. Initial decisions on material, detailed design, processing, and fabrication evolve from this understanding and are essential for deriving preliminary costs and practicability. This is where you can benefit from our years of plastic molding experience.

Universal Gravo-Plast has been providing injection molded parts for a wide variety of industries since 1954. Below are some of the industries listed that use our products.

  • Transportation And Automotive Manufacturers
    Take advantage of the benefits and economics of our low-cost tooling and parts by replacing machined or fabricated parts.
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturers
    Low volume injection molded plastic parts often exchange the professional look and utility of Medical products.
  • University Researchers
    Benefit from our low tool cost and consistent quality of molded plastic parts for research projects.
  • Military And Defense Contractors
    Use the low cost of tooling to “Field Prove” actual production parts prior to full-scale delivery.
  • Suppliers Of New Injection Molding Materials
    Make samples for customers using actual production moulds.
  • Point Of Purchase Display Designers And Providers – (Our bread and butter.)
    Benefit from our years of experience in point of purchase display production. We work with CAD drawings, mock-ups or even hand made sketches and offer a full range of materials and production techniques.
  • Label And Name Plate Producers
    Improve the look of your products with molded nameplates or labels, hot foil stamped with any of our many colors, or metallic finishes.
  • Game And Toy Manufacturers
    Save money on product costs. Take advantage of our low-cost Aluminium tooling technology to test market professionally finished products and then use the local tool as a backup for offshore sourcing.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Our factory-owned tools can often be converted to modified to keep mould costs low.
  • Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers
    Protector decorates Aluminium extrusion with our custom molded plastic end caps designed to fit your particular extrusion.

Why pay for a whole Mold when you only need an Insert? Proven Aluminium Inserts last for tens of thousands of shots!

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