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Die Casting Mold

Sincere Tech Is Die Casting mold service provider including plastic injection mold, plastic injection molding, double plastic injection mold, die casting mold and gas assistant plastic mould mold making plastic and more. Sincere Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd. has offered quality die casting mold products and services since 2005. Sincere Tech continuous dedication to research with […]

Plastic Molding Company

Plastic molding is a producing technique for making parts from both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials in top plastic molding company. Heated, fluid plastic is injected at high pressure into a mold, which is the complete opposite of the desired product shape. Injection molding is employed generally for manufacturing a selection of parts, from the […]

Injection molding jobs

Fawn Bringold of Peck spot welds a steel assembly at Kube Tech Molding,  in Yale. She’s in two trends: The resurgence in factory hiring and the growing practice of hiring through temp agencies. “Right now we’re seeing general growth across all sectors, but the primary sector for growth is manufacturing and specifically automotive manufacturing,” said […]

Plastic Molding Equipment

Anyone who tried to drive through GC mold around the afternoon of Feb. 17 may have encountered a traffic backup. An extremely oversized semi-truck load, with State Police escorts, inched its way along U.S. 12 to south Centreville Road. What might have been a temporary annoyance for drivers was actually a sign of growth for […]

Injection Moulding – Molding The Future Of Industry

There are naturally occurring plastic materials in the world. Products like chewing gum and shellac have been in use for centuries. Innovative scientists quickly saw the possibilities for the chemical manipulation of natural materials such as rubber and nitrocellulose, and, in 1855, Alexander Parkes invented the first synthetic plastic. Ever since then, the use of […]

Plastic Molding Porducts

When Norman Wood saw an advertisement in the newspaper for a toy factory for sale eight years ago, he decided it was worth checking out. After all, his father had a small woodworking factory and, as a child, he spent a lot of time in it. He thought he would quite like to own his […]

China mold

During the same period, China mold with exports amounting to $ 1.371 billion, an increase of 38%. In addition, because the Chinese manufacturers in the production and technical aspects of a large number of inputs to produce more sophisticated products to meet the growing demand of the international market, so the Chinese mold exports is […]

Save Cost Using Aluminum Injection Mold

Doing home renovation projects can be completely beneficial for you and your family. You will notice that by using the right aluminum injection mold and getting every project done professionally, you will be able to easily sell your home if it happens to be on the market. The truth is that many potential buyers will […]

Plastic Electrical Enclosures Engineering

Design engineering services offered include: Electronic circuit design Plastic Electrical Enclosures design Printed Circuit board layout, design, and testing Image capture and compression hardware design Power supply design Industries we have served include Aviation industry Military and security Medical devices Transportation – automotive, railroad, and infrastructure Food-services equipment Educational systems Textile manufacturing Textile retail Consumer […]