Plastic Mold Makers

Kube tech International has formed alliances with plastic mold makers, and suppliers that lowers the cost of doing business in these countries . How? The experience and knowledge of political, legal and cultural advantages in Mexico and China. The advantages of two factories strategically placed give the customer a choice in analyzing which location best suits there product. We at BPI will assist in selecting the location after careful consideration of customer needs and priorities. For example: labor cost in China is lower which is always a factor especially for smaller cubed product but Mexico lends advantages like proximity to US retail market and quicker turnaround.

Why use Kube tech instead of dealing directly with the manufacturer is simple. We get the lowest prices in Mexico and China because of current volume of customer orders as well as decreasing the time (time is money) of sourcing and locating LEGITIMATE operations in these countries. We are your contact and liason during initial start-up while putting you in direct contact with the manufacturer.

We are not brokers but manufacturing represenatives with solid contracts that allow us to make the best decision for our clients.

Kube tech is unique in we source and approve based on our international manufacturing experience in qualifying only those vendors that have implemented policies and procedures in departmental structures such as engineering, materials, purchasing, quality control, production, import/export and assembly. This enables us to assist in total turn key services of manufactured product or assembly only operations. We also assist in lowered purchase price variance or material cost by using our extensive supplier list that includes plastic resin, pigment, metal parts, paint, packaging, corrugated and tooling manufactures.

custom Injection molder

Kube tech was organized to be the first American run manufacturer and custom Injection molder with locations in Mexico, United States and China. A 160,000 square foot plant in Mexico and 100,000 square foot facility in China with 48 and 16 injection molding machines ranging from 80 tons to 750 tons. Included is a 6,000 square foot paint mask workshop and a 5,000 square foot resin workshop. We also have a world wide supplier and vendor list that is unequaled that allows us to find materials ranging from resin to screws at the best possible price.

We are a business to business company that finds real solutions to real business problems. This includes a wide array of services from product development that requires new tooling or modifications to existing molds, sourcing of material (lowering cost which directly increases bottom line profitability) injection molding, secondary processes (painting, tampo printing, sonic welding, hot stamping), final assembly and shipment of a finish good to its final destination.

We have now included consulting to our list of services for those companies interested in relocating product or vendors in Mexico, China and United States. Inquire about our rates and guaranteed performance agreement.

The key to Kube tech success is being the only one stop shop for manufacturing world wide. Giving answers to questions and solution to our customers problems of how best to manufacture there product or relocate there facilities in China or Mexico.



Insert Molding

  • Insert Molding is a unique process whereby a variety of components (die cast, screw machine, stamped metal, filter media, and other plastics) can be incorporated into plastic. Various features can be created in plastic around these components, such as fasteners, housings, insulators, connectors, etc.
  • This process is used extensively in the industry because it can take advantage of incorporating many and sometimes all of the features mentioned into one assembly. By taking advantage of the plastics unique design, many manufacturing steps can be eliminated.
  • This process is typically done using Vertical clamp injection molding machines. The reason for vertical opening and closing of the mold halves is that gravity works with you in keeping components in location  Items are positioned in the mold, the mold is held closed and molten plastic is forced in the mold and around the components that are in place. After the parts have cooled, the mold halves are separated and the parts are ejected.
  • Including both conventional and over-molded (soft and rigid plastics combined of different colors) product. We utilize a full range of engineering materials, such as PVC, Santoprene, Nylon, GF Nylons, Acetel, ABS and Polypropylenes.
  • We utilize both conventional horizontal presses ranging from 50 ton to 300 ton as well as vertical presses at 75 ton.
  • Our technologies include combining metal and plastic, multiple inserts and multiple materials
  • From concept through the production life,
    Kube tech provides continuous solutions and total customer satisfaction
    at its facility in Wyoming, Mi.
    We have extensive experience with both commodity resins
    as well as high-temperature engineered materials.
    From your ideas, we can provide drawings,
    tooling and manufacturing to give you a total solution for your product.
    High volume, and close tolerance are the keys of this operation.
    Bring Kube tech your next insert molding problem and
    you will receive a cost-effective, high-quality, on-time solution.


Standard Injection Molding

Plastic Injection Molding

Kube tech is a full service custom plastic injection molding company. Our expertise ranges from critical tolerance engineering components to standard consumer commodity products. We are capable of producing all of the latest engineered plastic and thermoplastic materials, using the latest molding design techniques including Pro-E design.

See us first when your demands are stretching the limits of plastics technology and repeatability, so critical to manufacturing. Our expertise ranges from critical tolerance engineering components to standard consumer commodity products. Don’t trust your product to a molder without a proven track record. A partnership with us provides support form concept and product development through production and quality control.

Kube tech has the facility and associates to produce plastic molded parts efficiently and with complete quality assurance. Kube tech’s molding operation includes a 40,000 square foot facility in Wyoming, MI with 15 molding machines from 50 ton to 500 ton. Kube tech maintains a continuous three shift operation and prides itself in its ability to handle the most demanding requirements with skill and professionalism.

The molding operation is backed by ample warehouse space allowing for smooth, efficient processing and handling of orders from parts procurement through delivery.


Kube tech offers a complete range of services including:

  • Injection molding of a wide range of thermoplastic materials
  • Insert molding capabilities
  • Assembly
  • Machining
  • Sonic Welding


Injection Mold Design

Injection Mold Design 

A few well engineered thermoplastic components can greatly enhance your product, saving assembly time and making possible a much more professional appearance. Most small manufacturing firms are reluctant to consider injection molding for their product, having heard horror stories of high tooling charges and long lead-times. In the past it hasn’t been unusual to spend tens of thousands of dollars designing and building the mold, and it could often take months to get prototype parts. is breaking the mold in plastics manufacturing. We offer an express engineering service that can deliver your prototype parts in as little as 2 weeks and at a fraction of the cost of traditional tool makers. We specialize in short and mid-run injection molding and tool design. If the part you have in mind meets our criteria, we can design the tool and be in production for as little as $2500 up front and in as little as 2 weeks. You may even be able to amortize part of the up-front costs into the per-unit price of the parts.

We engineer and build our tools in a highly automated process with CNC equipment and advanced engineering and manufacturing software that saves us time and money in designing and manufacturing your prototype tool. We build our molds out of aluminum, which machines easier and makes a less expensive tool that is still good for tens of thousands of uses.

Of course many firms offer “prototype” parts, created on computerized stereolithographic machines, but these parts are very fragile and costly. For the typical cost of 10 SLD prototypes, can deliver you a hundred first-run parts that are REAL. Minor enhancements and custom engraving are easy and inexpensive to add to your fastplastic parts – it’s YOUR design.