Precision Quality Molds Tooling

We leverage multiple manufacturing sites for each type of project
• Each high quality location competes for your business with competitive pricing, great quality and fast service
Each manufacturing site has passed rigorous performance criteria over a period of years before they can be identified as a Kube Tech Approved Manufacturing Site.
• Our clients benefit from our thorough experience at each manufacturing location without having to evaluate new and unknown suppliers themselves—thus saving time, money and aggravation
• Demanding clients have given our factories approval and repeat business
We can take your design concept from dream to reality with our complete design services or help you modify existing designs to make them more efficient and less expensive
• Our clients concentrate on growing their business and serving their customers without having to worry about tooling quality, logistics or pricing
Take your idea or project from concept to reality -totally!

• Improve your business’s bottom line and cash flow- giving you more profits -faster!

• Save you valuable design cycle time to increase your flow through capacity –To help launch projects on time or ahead of schedule!

• Manage all of the tooling and shipping logistics -so you don’t have to!

• Provide only the best quality tooling, parts and service -insuring you and your customers that you stay on schedule with confidence!
For more information on our capabilities and services please refer to the list on the left.

Injection and Blow Molding

  • High Quality Asian and USA Domestic Injection and Blow Molds
    • Certified Hardened Steel cut to your Specifications
    • Network of Manufacturing Sites all Leveraged to gain Pricing and Delivery Advantages for our clients
    • Local Engineering and Sales Support both Before and After the Sale
    • Local Upper Midwest USA Tool Modifications, Maintenance and Repair
    • Fully Equipped Engineering Center For Mold & Part Validation on every project
    • Accurate molds manufactured with either English or Metric Standards according to our client’s requirements
    • Significant cost savings over other class “A” mold makers
    • Process Specification and Finished Tool Conforms To Drawing
    • Full First Article Report with every tool included with First Run Samples
    • High Cavitational Mold with full hot runners (up to 96 cavities)
    • Excellent Controllers and Cooling Systems as required
    • Stack Mold (8+8 cavities)
    • Gear Mold (Agma 10)
    • High Precision & Complex Parts
    • Precision Molds
    • Thin Wall Molds (0.3 mm)
    • Connector Molds (0.5 mm pitch)
    • Double Color / Material Molds
    • Turret and Shuttle Molds
    • Insert Molds
    • Fine Hole Molds (0.16 mm hole diameter)
    • Auto & Semi-Auto Assembly Molds
    • Clean room Process Assembly Molds
    • Jigs & Fixture Design
    • Assembly Automation
    • Inserted Core And Cavity Using Hardened Tool Steel

    Metal Stamping:

    • Progressive Dies
    • Compund Dies
    • Forming Dies
    • Piercing
    • In-Die Tapping
    • Fixtures
    • Jigs
    • Gages
    • Blanking
    • Fine Blanking
    • High Speed
    • Verti Slide
    • Prototype

Die Cast:

• Multislide
• Hot Chamber
• Cold Chamber
• Vacuum Die Cast
• Prototyping


• Profile Dies
• Coextrusion Dies
• Multi-Lumen Tooling
• Sheet Dies
• Crosshead Dies
• Foam Profile Dies
• Profile Sizing
• Feeders
• Backers
• Bolsters
• Die Slides
• Dummy Blocks
• Pressure Plates
• Shear Blades
• Shot Sleeves
• Edge Cut Dies

Die Cut:

• Steel Rule
• Rotary
• Progressive
• Fine pitch
• Kiss Cutting Tools
• Creasing
• Embossing
• Perforating


• Metal Casting


Metal Stamping Service

Kube Tech can help you design components and assemblies to reduce part counts, thereby reducing not only components cost, but also manufacturing time and potential failure modes. We can begin with a sketch on the back of a napkin, or a rigid set of performance requirements and specifications. From simple to complex, we can help solve problems and keep our clients on the cutting edge of their industries. Kube Tech can provide a wide range of metal stamped parts, from washers and frames to complex connector contacts that require high-speed progressive dies. We can supply these products in various materials, tempers, and plating. With our vertical integration, Kube Tech can incorporate these parts into assemblies and insert molded products, saving you time and money.

• Assembly
• Spot welding
• Welding
• Brazing
• Plating
• Heat treating
• Stress relieving
• Machining
• Riveting
• Grinding
• Notching
• Shaping

Die Cast Parts

Using machines and tools exclusively designed and built internally, Kube Tech’s manufacturing locations can provide our clients with flash-free, high-precision, die cast components and component assemblies for hundreds of applications. Kube Tech works with a wide range of OEM types. Applications include automotive, industrial controls, appliances, electronic components, power tools, hardware, computers and much more.

  • Multislide
    • Hot Chamber
    • Cold Chamber
    • Vacuum Die Cast
    • Prototyping
    • Assembly
    • Finishing
    • Flash Free Molding
    • Flash Trimming
    • Vibratory Finishing
    • Thermal Deburring
    • Shot Blasting
    • Plating
    • Hard Anodizing
    • Coating
    • Sealing
    • Powder Coat
    • Painting


Screw Machined Parts

Our primary capabilities are precision CNC turning, milling and cutter grinding, automatic screw machining and all of the ancillary operations that traditionally accompany them. Our factories have CNC and CAM Swiss equipment for high precision work and lights out machining, plus, CNC milling and CNC cutter grinding capabilities with automatic loading/unloading are available in house.

All of the machinery can handle round stock as well as hexagonal, square, “double dee”, octagonal, rectangular and tubular pieces

  • Hexagonal stock
    • Square stock
    • Double-dee stock
    • Octagonal stock
    • Rectangular stock
    • Tubular stock

    Some examples of materials we work with

    • Brass
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel
    • Plastics
    • Ceramics
    • Hastelloy
    • Icononel
    • Waspalloy
    • Titanium
    • L-605


Die Cutting Parts

By helping our clients with the little details like die cut gaskets, labels, shielding and much more, we shave time and costs from their projects to help them stay ahead of their competition and make more money.

Some Examples of what Kube Tech offers:

• Printing of self adhesive labels and bar code labels
• Security and destructible labels
• Silk screen printing
• Die cutting of specialty tapes, rubber, foam and felt
• Stamping of precision plastic parts
• Sealing
• Insulation
• Shielding
• Protection

Molding of Plastic Products

If necessary, the production of any plastic products using the method of injection molding, we offer you a full range of services to our industrial base. Our plastic products plant has all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel in the field of plastics processing. Our fleet of injection molding machines and staff with many years of experience working with molds of any complexity, to help you cope with any challenge. Range of molded plastics us quite broad and includes such products as general technical purposes and the consumer.

Plastic products – how to order?

To start molding of plastic products is necessary to make the mold. The mold is a snap, which is filled with plastic under pressure and where the product is formed. You can order in our company to manufacture the mold and subsequently place an order for molding plastic products. To do this, you need to provide ( sample plastic products or drawing a picture with dimensions, with which we perform the calculation cost of the order. Signing the contract with our company, you can count on the performance of the order in time.

Manufacture of plastic products in the Republic of Belarus.
Our factory is located in China products RB and offers manufacturing of plastic products, as well as the manufacture of molds in one place. Our production of plastic products using only high-quality materials and work with reliable suppliers. In the manufacture of articles made of plastics of all types of thermoplastics, depending on the requirements for the plastic products. For the selection of the type of plastic, we need to know the performance of plastic products, such as:
• mechanical stress on the product
• surface quality requirements
• U.S. Rubber And Miscellaneous Plastic Products Companies

Extrusion molding service

Kube Tech offers total integration from concept, detailed design, specification, tooling, material compounding, production, final component fabrication and assembly.

One-Source responsibility throughout development and production guarantees thoroughness and confidentiality. Our partnership focus is with clients through each of their key processes to ensure that real needs are identified and addressed with practical and effective solutions.

• Aluminum Extrusions
• Rubber Extrusions
• Plastic Extrusions
• Metal Extrusions
• Profile Extrusions
• Heatsink Extrusions
• Structural Aluminum Extrusions
• Stainless Steel Extrusions

Design and Engineering Services

Design and Engineering Services

  • Our experienced local engineering support is available to make client visits
    • Kube Tech uses SolidWorks design software to take your concept and turn it into reality
    • Flexible engagement entry point with each client
    • Onsite manufacturing engineering support at most global manufacturing locations to seamlessly combine hundreds of years of domestic and international experience over many engineering disciplines
    • ProE, Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD is also available

Software and engineering options:

  • File Transfer Protocol available on this website via “Client Login” tab
    • Weekly tracking updates of your order and tooling project through our website
    • First Article Inspection data on sample parts and with each tool delivered
    • Design for Manufacturability Analysis
    • Design for Assembly Analysis
    • We work with your native files, and can accept 3D IGES files, 3D STP files, .pdf files and ProE files
    • Easy to Use communications through client login, e-mails, and (if required) weekly conference calls


Prototyping molding service

Kube Tech can help your development team evaluate fit, form, and function by supplying rapid prototypes. We work with you to evaluate your needs and develop a strategy that gives you the best use of rapid prototype technology for your budget and goals. In many cases, we can provide SLA and FDM parts as quickly as 1-2 days from the receipt of your PO. Through the use of RTV molds, urethane castings that imitate an actual molded part can be supplied as quickly as 1-2 weeks from your order date. This will shorten design cycles and prove out the design before taking the next step to production tooling. In addition to rapid prototype parts that emulate plastic parts, Kube Tech can provide low cost die-cast rapid prototypes. Regardless of your needs, we have the expertise and experience to help you make the right choice in proving out your design.

Conventional Prototyping

By providing our clients access to High Quality Prototype Parts from soft tools in 1-4 weeks, we offer you the advantage of evaluating your parts early in the design cycle to give you the confidence that your project is heading down the correct path. Kube Tech will use CNC machining, aluminum tools, MUDs, and conventional prototype molds and dies to develop your prototype parts. We can provide prototypes of Machined, Stamped, Turned, Injection Molded Plastic, Die-Cast parts, and Extrusion Prototypes. By working with Kube Tech, you can simplify your project from start to finish and deal with our professional “Go-To” project management team.